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Afroport is a registered company at the Abu Dhabi Airport Freezone. With expertise across all levels of the aviation industry, Afroport manages airports, ground handling and other related activities.

Welcome to the Afroprt

Ground Handling

We Provide above and below the wing ground handling and cargo operations and services. These operations encompass all the services necessary from the time the aircraft lands to the moment it takes off again.

Afroport aims to prevent ground damage, injury, and operational incidents from occurring as well as handling representation, administration, supervision, load control, flight operations, communications, cargo, mail services, support devices, and security.



Afroport cargo services enhances cargo operations at airports. Our team can plan, evaluate, and adapt to changes in flight arrivals, customer requests, and forward movement of cargo quickly and efficiently.

Car Park Services

Our secure car park services relieve you from the hassle of not finding a place to park your car, so you can make it to your flight on time.

Digital & Smart Airports

Our digital and smart airport services are made to solve and cover control and management needs in airports that are increasingly seeing problems associated with the large volume of goods and passengers passing through them.

VIP Meet & Greet

Our VIP meet and greet service allows you to not worry about your luggage and bags and trust that they will be handled by us. It is our duty to offer you a helping hand and take care of you and your luggage.

Our service can be catered to your needs such that our agent/team will meet you upon your request and quickly escort you to the end of your journey, saving you the time and hassle of dealing with your belonging.

Fast Track Services

Our fast-track service can efficiently clear you through arrivals or departures while handling the transfer of your baggage and family. We ensure a swift, smooth, and safe passage through the airport making the journey something to look forward to.